3 the greatest animation you must watch

The greatest Anime Select 3 Do you already watch?

Anime is popular among people of all ages all over the world. Some people may feel it is hard and difficult to search for interesting anime.

This is because there are multiple genres and a huge number of animes!
In this article, we will introduce 3 “God’s Anime”.

Please take a look at them, from popular to well-known animes.


Violet Evergarden (ヴァイオレットエヴァーガーデン)

popular anime violet evergarden
Reference: tv.violet-evergarden.jp

Violet Evergarden is an anime produced by Kyoto Animation.

The appeal point of this anime is the unique character designs that match the worldview and the beautiful background artwork.


A long war is over. A country is showing signs of recovery. There is a girl, living as a “tool” for fighting.

Her name is Violet Evergarden. After the war, she wakes up in a hospital bed. She tries to report her situation in a letter.

The letter is to her superior, Major Gilbert. But she is unable to spell well. Because she has prosthetic hands instead of her lost arms.

Then Hodgins visits her. He is a former lieutenant colonel in the army. Hodgins has come for Violet instead of Gilbert.

He takes her to the beautiful port town.
There she encounters a job as an “auto-note-puppet”.
Auto-note-puppet is a job, that translates someone’s thoughts into words in a letter and delivers the letter.

If she becomes an auto-note-puppet, she might be able to understand the meaning of “one word” that Gilbert left behind.

With this thought in mind, Violet expresses her will for the first time.

She wants to know “I love you.”


This is a story of a girl without a heart. She understands “love” by touching people’s feelings by writing letters on their behalf.

The weight, sadness, and loneliness of these words dye Violet’s, once-blank heart.

The key point is her feelings begin to develop in herself.

This work is the best of the “crying anime” that moves the hearts of those who watch it.

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Hyoka (氷菓)

Reference: kotenbu.com

Hyoka uses classical music such as Bach’s “Suite No. 1 Prelude for Unaccompanied Cello” and “Aria on the G line”.

It is possible to listen to beautiful BGM in this anime.


The main character, Kotaro Oriki, is an energy-saving thinker.

He is a student at Kamiyama High School. For some reason, he joins the “Classics Club”, which is on the verge of being discontinued.

A ferocious beast of curiosity, Eru Chitanda. His friends from junior high school, Satoshi Fukube and Mayaka Ihara.

Oriki solves the mysteries that abound in school life.

This anime is recommended for those who want to enjoy a sometimes sweet, sometimes bittersweet coming-of-age story.


Although this anime is in the mystery genre, the subject matter is not a murder, but a mystery that arises in “school and everyday life.”

There is no flashy action, so you can continue watching without any tension.

If you want to watch an anime that is a school story without comedic elements and with mystery solving added, check it out.

Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人)

shingeki no kyojin
Reference: shingeki.tv

This is an anime adaptation of the world-famous manga “Attack on Titan”.

The first through third seasons were produced by “WIT STUDIO,” an animation company that specializes in drawing.

“MAPPA” is in charge of production for the fourth season.
The company has produced animes of various popular titles.


The world is ruled by man-eating “giants”.

To escape their evil, people built a huge wall and lived inside it.

It was a time when mankind had forgotten what it was like outside the wall.

The main character Eren, along with his best friend Armin, dreamed of going out into the outside world.

One day, Eren, Armin, and his childhood friend Mikasa were talking as usual.

Suddenly, the “Colossal Titan,” which easily surpasses the 50-meter wall, appears.

Will they be able to survive?


This work depicts the protagonists living in a harsh world and facing adversity.

There are many cruel descriptions, so those who do not like grotesque expressions should be careful.

The voice actors’ performances as well as the flowing drawings attracted many people. It became a hot topic on SNS when it was first broadcast.

Recommended for those who want to enjoy foreshadowing recovery-type anime in which the ending is not known until the very end.