Taiyaki: A Recipe for a Traditional Japanese Snack

taiyaki and tea

Have you ever heard of taiyaki, a sweet that Japanese people love? Many people may think of matcha green tea or wagashi when they think of Japanese sweets, but this time we would like to introduce you to a popular hidden confectionary called taiyaki.

What is Taiyaki?

Taiyaki and green tea
Taiyaki and green tea

“Taiyaki” is a Japanese confectionery made by wrapping red bean paste or cream in dough and baking it in the shape of a fish. Taiyaki is popular all over Japan and are characterized by their mild sweetness and nostalgic flavor.

The Appeal of Taiyaki

Ease to eat by hands

easy to eat taiyaki

The appeal of taiyaki lies not only in its appearance and taste, but also in the fact that it is easy to eat. They are easily available at convenience stores and souvenir shops, making them popular among tourists and students. It is no exaggeration to say that Japanese people are sure to buy taiyaki whenever they come across a store specializing in taiyaki selling them that suddenly appears in town.

Many variations

Making Taiyaki

In recent years, the variety of taiyaki has also become more diverse, with a wide variety of flavors such as green tea, cheese, and even seasonal fruit flavors. Finding your favorite flavor among the many variations is part of the fun. The author likes the most basic taiyaki with custard cream the best.

Delicious texture

Taiyakis are crispy on the outside and filled with a thick red bean paste inside, providing a delightful texture. In addition, there are various types of taiyakis, and the taste and texture differ depending on the type of anko (bean paste). For example, there are koshi-an, tsubu-an, matcha-an, chocolate-an, and so on. Those who do not like red bean paste are advised to eat cream, etc.

Cute appearance

broken taiyaki

Taiyakis are often the talk of the town on social networking sites because of their lovely appearance and photogenic qualities. Taiyakis are also known as good luck charms and are popular as wedding favours and housewarming gifts.


Vary famous Taiyaki song

“Taiyaki” is one of Japan’s traditional Japanese sweets, and along with its history, it is a part of Japanese culture. It is also loved by people of all ages for its ease of consumption, variety, and its nostalgic flavor.

Have you ever eaten taiyaki? If you come to Japan, please give it a try. You will surely be captivated by the charm of Taiyaki.

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