Kaitenzushi: Japanese Culture Beloved Worldwide


What is “Kaitenzushi”?

Kaitenzushi, which originated in Japan, is a part of Japanese culture loved around the world.

various plate
Various plate

Kaitenzushi is a restaurant that serves sushi. The price of sushi varies depending on the type, and the price is divided according to the color of the plate. In general, Kaitenzushi is reasonably priced and ideal for a meal with family or friends.

In this article, we will introduce the appeal of kaitenzushi and kaitenzushi chains in detail.

Characteristics of kaitenzushi

History of Kaitenzushi


Conveyor-belt sushi is said to have originated at Genroku Sushi in Osaka, Japan, which opened in 1958.

Inspired by a conveyor belt at a factory, the restaurant served sushi made by sushi chefs on plates that rotated around the restaurant on a chain conveyor.

This was the beginning of kaitenzushi.

sushi paradise

It attracted attention when it was exhibited at the 1970 World Exposition in Japan and spread nationwide.

Kaitenzushi restaurants gained popularity as their concept of offering high-quality sushi in a convenient manner was well accepted.

The Appeal points of Kaitenzushi

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The appeal of conveyor-belt sushi lies in its ease and diversity. Kaitenzushi does not have the same high standards as Edo-mae sushi.

Even first-time sushi eaters can enjoy sushi because they can eat what they want and as much as they want without having to wait for their order.

In addition, Kaitenzushi offers a wide variety of menu items, such as seasonal ingredients and stylish-looking sushi.

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Furthermore, the culture of Kaitenzushi reflects a uniquely Japanese sense of beauty and humor. Many restaurants convey the passion for food prepared by sushi chefs and the spirit of hospitality.

What flows from the chain is often not only sushi but also advertisements for the restaurant’s recommended items.

By eating kaiten-zushi, you are experiencing a slice of Japanese culture.

Japanese Sushi Chain Restaurants

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Japan’s conveyor-belt sushi culture is famous worldwide, and there are various chain restaurants in Japan. I will introduce them here based on my own personal judgment and experience.

What is a Kaitenzushi chain?

kaitenzushi maguro

There are many different types of conveyor-belt sushi chains, and the ones I frequent most often are Kurazushi, Hamazushi, and Sushiro. (There are many more.) These chains have many stores all over Japan.

I often order sushi such as tuna, salmon, salmon roe, and shellfish, as well as seafood soup and dessert to end the meal. These are common items on the menu at all chain restaurants and are reasonably priced.

The Appeal of Kaitenzushi

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The appeal of Kaitenzushi lies in the fact that it is not only easy to eat, but also offers a wide variety and the freshest sushi available.

In addition, the latest Kaitenzushi restaurants are increasingly IT-based, allowing customers to order the sushi of their choice by operating a touch panel on their seats. The ordered sushi is automatically delivered to your seat after a while.

The Fun of Kaitenzushi Chains

salmon kaitenzushi

Several of the chains also have gimmicks that make eating there a pleasure.

For example, each seat has a hole to return your plate, and when you put your plate in the hole, an animation starts on the screen, and if you are lucky, you will receive a simple prize.

Now, can you win a gift from the kaiten sushi chain?

Comments of the writer

many kaitenzushi

As you can see, Japanese chan restaurants have many attractions that will keep you excited when you visit. Each chain has its own charm and no two are exactly alike.

Visit the restaurant with your own feet and find your favorite conveyor-belt sushi chain!

For us, Japanese, conveyor-belt sushi is a familiar part of our food culture and a place to eat with our beloved family and friends. When you visit Japan, you should definitely try kaitenzushi.