10 Souvenirs Recommended By Japanese

japan souvenir

Have you ever wondered what to buy as a souvenir when you travel? This article is here to help you avoid that when you visit Japan. In this article, we will introduce some recommendations from Japanese people, from the standard to the surprising.

For people new to Japan


Here are some recommendations for first-time visitors to Japan. These are standard items. However, they are all things that will remind you of Japan in your daily life even after you return to your own country.



The number of chopstick users is increasing all over the world, partly due to the Japanese food boom. Many people are thinking of buying their favorite chopsticks as souvenirs when they come to Japan. We recommend a set of chopstick rests or a chopstick bag that you can carry with you.
Chopsticks are difficult to handle and few Japanese people can hold them correctly. If you can handle such chopsticks correctly and neatly, you will surely become popular in just a short time.

Folding fan

folding fan

A folding fan is a traditional Japanese product, and its classy atmosphere makes it popular among both men and women. The uniquely Japanese patterns, Japanese paper, and bamboo craftsmanship give a solid sense of Japanese tradition. There are stores specializing in authentic folding fans, but they can also be purchased at 100-yen stores. They are recommended as easy souvenirs because they can be quickly taken out and used.
Keep it in your bag when it is hot and you can use it outside to cool off in the coolest way possible.



This item is also an essential part of Japanese history. It is an excellent product that can sometimes be used as a bag and sometimes as a disaster prevention item. Nowadays, you can enjoy a wide variety of designs, from cute to austere, as well as Japanese patterns. It is also chic to wrap sweets and other souvenirs in a furoshiki cloth.
If you go out using a furoshiki, you will be “The Edokko” from today.



These days, many people enjoy walking around town and taking pictures in colorful yukata at various sightseeing spots. These yukata may not be practical, but they are popular as a memento of a trip to Japan. From vintage to new, they are appreciated by men and women of all ages, from children to adults. Yukata is now buttoned up and easy to wear, and many people purchase them because of the ease.
Wearing one will allow you to properly become a Japanese person.

Incidentally, Japanese people do not wear yukata for everyday use.
They often wear yukata when they travel to places like Kyoto or during local festivals.

Daruma doll

daruma doll

The roll shape is cute, but its eye-catching power is sure to draw you in. Many of them combine Japanese tradition with original designs. Daruma dolls are available in many variations at various places. A palm-sized Daruma is not bulky and reasonably priced.

The origin of Daruma is a doll with the face of Daruma Daishi, which rises by itself even if it falls down. Daruma dolls are popular as a good-luck talisman that grants any wish.

Daruma Daishi, the model for this doll, was the founder of the Zen sect of Buddhism. He became widely known in the Muromachi period (1333-1573) with the spread of Zen. During the Edo period, he became the motif for the “get-up-and-go” doll.

For Japan connoisseurs

For those who have been to Japan many times, we would like to recommend a few items that will surely make your friends say, “Cool!”

Tea ceremony set

tea matcha

Japanese tea “matcha” is so famous around the world. However, many people do not know the original and proper way to drink matcha. If you purchase a set, you can experience a tea ceremony and enjoy authentic matcha with a bitter taste. Why don’t you try making matcha instead of the usual coffee on a holiday?

Incidentally, matcha is becoming more and more popular in Japan every year. You can enjoy matcha sweets everywhere. If you come to Japan, you may want to try visiting a matcha shop to enjoy matcha sweets.



A kitchen knife is a universal necessity in every household. If the knife is made in Japan, where there is a history of samurai and swords, it will be special souvenirs. Even if you are not a professional cook, your daily cooking will be more exciting if you have your own special kitchen knife. Some stores even offer a service where you can have your name engraved on the spot, making it a one-of-a-kind souvenir.

Frixion Ball pen

frixion ball pen

There is probably no one in Japan who has not heard of PILOT’s Frixion ballpoint pens. This is a writing instrument originated in Japan. PILOT offers not only signature pens, but also highlighters, colored pencils, and other products, and you can choose from a variety of handles, from plastic to wood, to suit your needs. For many people, they are sure to be very useful in their daily lives.

Food samples

food sample sushi
These sushi are food samples and not edible.

The exquisiteness is astonishing! Food samples that look like the real thing are very popular as souvenirs. You can actually try your hand at making your own, but for those who just want to buy them as souvenirs, we recommend the key chains and magnets. How about earrings for girls or bacon-shaped bookmarks for those who love to read?

By the way, you can find these samples in front of restaurants in Japan. Hungry people are drawn to them by their delicious appearance and enter the restaurants.

Bento box

bento box

The Japanese bento boxes that we have taken for granted since childhood are available in a wide variety and of very high quality. The cups, baluns, picks, and other items that accompany bento boxes are available at 100-yen stores in abundance, and they make bento boxes more colorful.

Did you find the souvenir you wanted?
You will find a variety of things while touring Japan. You might be pleased to present some of them to your family or loved ones. If you are interested, you may also buy them on the Internet.