8 Popular Japanese Sweets food for Visitors to Japan

Hello! My name is Paru, a Japanese born and raised in Japan.
I have always loved sweets and have eaten various sweets every day.
I would like to introduce some Japanese sweets food to you.

When you are on vacation, you may often stop by a convenience store to get a little relief from the heat or cold, or when you are feeling a little thirsty.
There are so many kinds of snacks at convenience stores that it is hard to decide what to buy.
I would like to introduce some Japanese snacks that you should buy at such times.
Let’s take a look at some of the most popular snacks available at convenience stores!

Japanese Sweets Food



Kit Kat is the first snack mentioned as a favorite by non-Japanese.
Kit Kat is sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.
However, there are differences between Kit Kat sold in Japan and those sold in other countries.
The difference is the manufacturing company.
Kit Kat in the U.S. is made by Hershey and is sweeter than Kit Kat in Japan.
In contrast, Japanese Kit Kat is made by Nestle Japan and is bitter and crunchy.
If you want to try a different Kit Kat, try buying a Japanese Kit Kat.
Japanese Kit Kat is also sold throughout Japan in local flavors.

Kitkat HP

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Everyone loves Pocky!
The secret to their popularity seems to be that they are easy to eat and keep your hands clean.
It is no wonder that Pocky has fans outside of Japan.

There are different types of Pocky available at convenience stores, such as the regular Pocky shown in the picture and ultra-thin Pocky. The best part of purchasing Pocky is wondering whether to eat and enjoy regular Pocky or enjoy thin and many Pocky. Also, since there are often different flavored Pocky sold, one way to enjoy them is to find them, buy them, and try them.

Pocky HP

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Kinoko No Yama | Takenoko No Sato

takenokonosato and kinokonoyama

In Japan, there is often a debate over whether “Kinokonoyama” or “Takenokonosato” is better. It would be fun to ask the same question to Japanese people you know and see what they say.

In a nationwide survey conducted in 2020, almost all the prefectures in the country preferred the “Takenokonosato”.
I also prefer “Takenokonosato” because it is more solid and gives a sense of value for money.
I also feel sad when I find a “Kikonoyama” that has lost its chocolate part.

Kinotake HP

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Good sense of combination of chocolate and cookies!
Many Japanese people may love it too. It seems that many people outside of Japan also love chocolate and cookies.

Alfort is available in milk chocolate, vanilla white, bitter, and rich milk flavors. Seasonal Alfort is also often sold. In the past, Marron, Milk Tea, Salted Vanilla, and other flavors were available.
Also, like Kit Kat, there are local Alfort flavors in different parts of the country.

Alfort HP

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choco pie

You’ll be buying them before you know it! The perfect sweets food!
Lotte’s Choco Pie are sweets food that attract many countrymen.
In fact, contrary to its name, Choco Pie is classified as a semi-sweet cookie.
And Choco Pie is the highest-selling product in the biscuit market.

Choco Pie was created in the late 1970s based on the concept of a semi-raw cake.
Choco Pie was designed to last longer than a cake, thanks to Lotte’s advanced technology.
In addition, the chocolate coating on its surface creates a sense of luxury.

You may want to purchase Choco Pie while you are at the convenience store to enjoy the luxuriousness, soft cake and wonderful melt-in-your-mouth cream at a low price.


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Kara Mucho


Karamucho is exquisitely spicy and delicious! I can’t stop! and the confectionery is gone in no time at all.
Karamucho is a common chip type, so you can comfortably eat it.

Karamucho is a spicy potato chip.
Karamucho is designed to be enjoyed as a snack by adults as well as children.

Kara Mucho HP

Tongari Corn

tongari corn

Tongari Corn is a snack that is familiar to Japanese people as a crispy snack.
In fact, Tongari Corn is an American-born snack.
It was developed and marketed by House Foods in cooperation with General Mills, Inc. of the United States.

Japanese children can handle Tongari Corn as a weapon by attaching it to the tip of their finger.
The attack of that weapon can cause serious psychological damage to the opponent.
It is recommended to eat it on your finger in a mature manner.

Tongari Corn HP

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Pure Gumi

pure gumi

Pureed gummies are popular among Japanese people because of their unique texture and fruit juiciness.
Japanese gummies are delicate in taste and texture and can be felt in a variety of ways.

Although puree gummies are not hard gummies, they can be enjoyed for a long time because of the sourness of the powder on the outside and the sweetness of the gummy inside.
Puree gummies are available in a variety of flavors, not only the typical grape flavor.
It is one of the ways to enjoy them to find your favorite flavor.

Pure Gumi HP

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Comments of the writer

All of the snacks mentioned can be purchased very inexpensively at combination stores. The selection varies from store to store, so it is fun to visit different stores.

Share them with your friends and family, share your favorite sweets food, and have fun!

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