“Tako”: The fascination of Japanese

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Japan’s Passion for Tako

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Japan’s Passion for “Tako” and its Various Dishes Japanese food culture is diverse and unique, and among these, “Tako” is an ingredient that is deeply popular among Japanese people.

In this article, we aim to introduce the breadth and appeal of Japanese octopus cuisine and to give you a taste of the depth of Japanese food culture. Let’s start our journey into the Japanese “Tako” world together!

Basic Information on Tako

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The octopus is a type of mollusk that lives in the oceans of the world, and in Japan, the octopus is mainly used as food. Octopus is also highly nutritious, rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. What kind of dishes do you think the octopus is used in?

Osaka’s representative local dish – takoyaki


Takoyaki is a local dish that originated in Osaka. It is a spherical dish made with flour dough, octopus, green onions, and tenkasu (fish cake). Takoyaki is loved throughout Japan and is also popular as a street food. When you visit Japan, be sure to try Takoyaki.

Local Cuisine of Hyogo Prefecture – Takomeshi


Takomeshi is a local dish often eaten in Hyogo Prefecture. It is a simple dish consisting of rice cooked in a combination of rice, soup stock, and seasonings, to which is added chopped octopus.

Depending on the region, the octopus can be fresh, boiled, or dried. The flavor from the octopus soaks into the rice, making it an excellent dish.

Octopus as a luxury dish – Tako-Sashimi


Octopus is also an important part of haute cuisine. Octopus sashimi is a Japanese dish in which fresh octopus is sliced into thin slices and enjoyed with soy sauce and wasabi.

Octopus sushi is also extremely popular. Used as an ingredient in nigirizushi and makizushi, octopus has a unique texture and flavor. Try octopus sushi at any Japanese sushi restaurant.

Creative Arrangement

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Modern Cooking with Octopus In Japan, not only traditional “octopus” dishes, but also dishes with a modern twist are attracting attention.

Examples include pasta and risotto, which incorporate Japanese “octopus” into Italian cuisine, and Asian-style octopus dishes as fusion cuisine. These innovative arrangements provide travelers with new surprises and discoveries. What new arrangements are you interested in?

Recommended “Tako” Gourmet Spots 

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There are many famous restaurants throughout Japan that serve exquisite “tako” dishes. Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Dotonbori in Osaka, Motomachi in Kobe, and other sightseeing spots offer delicious “tako” dishes. Let’s enjoy octopus dishes from all over Japan by visiting famous restaurants loved by locals and popular restaurants for tourists.

Sake and other alcoholic beverages that go well with Tako dishes 


Japanese sake and shochu go well with octopus dishes. For example, dry sake goes well with takoyaki and takomeshi. For octopus sashimi and octopus sushi, we recommend a refreshing ginjo-shu (ginjo sake). Enjoy octopus dishes with a variety of sake to get a deeper taste of Japanese food culture.

A trip to enjoy Japanese “octopus

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What did you think? Japanese “octopus” cuisine is full of various charms, ranging from local delicacies to high-end cuisine. When you visit Japan, please enjoy the local octopus dishes and feel the Japanese food culture and charm. So, why don’t you take a trip to enjoy “octopus” as well? The world of Japanese “octopus” awaits you.