Japanese Food Samples. Inedible Sushi


What is Food Sample?

kaisendon food sample
Kaisendon Sample

Japanese food samples are attractive because they look so lifelike. In the 1920s, food sample began as show window decorations to attract customers.

Today, they are used to simplify ordering in restaurants and as popular souvenirs for tourists.

Features of Food Sample

Frankfurt food sample
Frankfurt Sample

Made from a variety of materials, including wax, plastic, and silicone, food samples are produced by skilled artisans.

Attention is paid to fine details such as the texture of the food, the shine of the sauce, and the overall design of the dish.

This makes them so realistic that they are indistinguishable from real food.

Where can you find Food Sample?

cake sample
Cake Sample

Food samples can be found not only in restaurants and cafes, but also in souvenir stores and tourist attractions throughout Japan.

At famous tourist spots and hot spring resorts, local food samples unique to the area are sold. They are attractive souvenirs for tourists.

Incidentally, many tourists who come to Japan bring back standard sushi nigiri food samples as souvenirs.

Your friends who receive them will surely envy your trip to Japan.

A Role of Food Sample

various food
Many types of Sample

Food samples are also an important part of Japanese food culture.

Japanese food culture is very particular about serving and design, and beauty is extremely important.

Food samples are produced with great attention to beauty and fine detail and are one of the most valuable tools for understanding Japanese food culture.

In addition, since food samples are ingeniously designed to look like the real thing, you can also enjoy looking for the Japanese ingenuity in finding out why they look like the real thing

The Process of Making Food Sample

The production process of food samples is also attracting attention. Visitors can see how skilled craftsmen create food samples with great attention to detail.

The technique is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive, as each step is done by hand.

For this reason, there are facilities where visitors can observe the process of food sample production.

Comments of the writer

sushi sample
many sushi sample

In general, Japanese food samples are a uniquely Japanese cultural art form that combines amazing realism and beauty.

Because of their beauty and realism, they are loved by many people and play an important role in conveying the appeal of Japanese food culture.

When you visit Japan, please take a look at food samples and be impressed by their beauty.