5 famous musicians among young Japanese

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Here are some of the most popular musicians with their songs among music-loving young Japanese!

If you want to know what kind of music is popular among young Japanese young people now, or if you are looking for a topic to talk about when you talk with Japanese people, please check this content.

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Famous Musicians


Vaundy is a singer-songwriter who begin to become an online sensation around 2019.

He became very popular for his style of weaving together a wide variety of genre sensibilities and dyeing them into a fashionable and unique worldview.

Also, “Hanauranai” in the video below, and “napori” are his standard songs, so please check them out as well.

Vaundy – Wikipedia

Saucy Dog

Saucy Dog is a Japanese rock band that has become very popular for its emotional performances and sympathetic lyrics.

Their song “Cinderella Boy,” released in 2021, is a long hit among the younger generation with its lyrics about a faint feeling of love.

Their song “Itsuka” is also a long-time hit, so if you haven’t heard it yet, you should check it out!

Macaroni Empitsu (マカロニえんぴつ)

Macaroni Empitsu is a pop-rock band formed in Kanagawa in 2012.

They have been steadily playing in a band. and gradually gaining fans, and made their major label debut in 2020.

Their 2021 release, “Nandemo Naiyo,” is a song about love, and has become very popular, especially among the younger generation!

Also, check out “Koibito Gokko” below, which is also currently very popular.

Kaze Fujii (藤井風)

Kaze Fujii is a singer-songwriter who is attracting a great deal of attention as an artist of the new generation.

His song “Kirari,” released in 2021, was used as the commercial song for Honda’s VEZEL e:HEV and became a hot topic.

“Tabiji,” also released in 2021, is also very popular.

He originally posted piano-playing videos on YouTube, but when he released his original song “Nan-Nan?” in 2020, he became known to a wide audience as an artist.

Their expressive voices backed by high-techinic and their sophisticated musicality are very popular among young music fanatics.

Fujii Kaze – Wikipedia

King Gnu

King Gnu is a self-proclaimed “Tokyo New Mixture Style Band” that has digested a variety of music genres.

Their songs are stylish and sophisticated, and they are popular among Japanese young people who like different music

Their December 2021 release, “Issho” was the theme song for “Gekijoban Jyutsu Kaisen 0” and “Gyakuyumu” was the ending theme song for the movie, both of which have become very popular.

Also, their most popular song “Hakuzitu” became a big hit and became popular among a wide range of generations. And in 2019, they participated in the Kohaku Uta Gassen. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you should check this one out too!

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