5 young music artists to watch now!

5 young music artists you must watch!

Music trends are changing at a dizzying pace. Especially with the development of subscriptions, artist trends are changing more rapidly than ever.

It is not uncommon to find that music you thought you heard recently is actually from a long time ago, or that a completely new artist has emerged.

In contrast, “artists of the moment” are being consumed at an unprecedented rate….popular music sites create buzz on YouTube, TikTok, and TV and appeal to the general public.

It is so overwhelming that if we don’t mention it when we can, we lose sight of it, and that is why I think it is information that many people need to know now.

Therefore, for this article, I have selected 5 young musicians/artists who have just formed but are becoming widely recognized and are currently attracting the most attention.

I hope this article will not only give you an insight into the current music scene but also provide you with an opportunity to experience new music.

We have picked out 10 young artists who are hot right now!

P-Maru-sama (P丸様)

Her videos, including the all-hand-drawn “Yuru-Fuwa,” have been a hit, one after another, going diagonally from the expected.

P-Maru-sama, a very popular YouTuber, is one of the artists who debuted on the Internet in recent years. P-Maru-sama is also one of the artists who debuted on the Internet in recent years.

What is surprising, however, is that for her, who was originally known for her voice changing from one to the next in her video, entering the music scene was the best solution for her to demonstrate her abilities.

She spread quickly with “Shill Vue President ” as the catalyst was tossed around with a ridiculous phrase called “The Great Earth Explosion,” and then toned down with a negative act called “MOTTI.” …….

The chameleon-like range of his voice allows her to flexibly adapt to each type of music. And in a manner of speaking,

P-Maru is active on YouTube with a variety of voices. This is P-Maru’s greatest strength, having been active on YouTube with a variety of voices.

Although she is a newcomer as a singer, her upcoming second album “Loveholic” is expected to be even more powerful.

Her main job is YouTuber, but she is one of the strongest singers you should mention right now.


Meiyo became famous when his song “No matter what I do, it won’t work out” went viral.

After graduating from high school, he has been involved in music for more than a decade.

However, the reality was not quite what he expected. So, it was fate that the song “Whatever I do, it won’t work out” became his big breakthrough.

The sound is predominantly hammering.

Many of the songs feature impressive phrases, such as the chorus of “PAKU,” which was provided to up-and-coming singer-songwriter asmi, and “Nandemo Naitokoroni” under the name meiyo.

He thoroughly pursues addictive music. Now that the world has caught up with this thorough pursuit of “addictive music”.

The future will be nothing but a tailwind.

AmazonMusic – meiyo

Wanuka (和ぬか)

Among the many artists born from the Internet, there is one who has garnered a great deal of attention.

His name is Wanuka.

In 2021, “Yoriyoi(Leaning Drunk)” was uploaded to YouTube and became an explosive hit with over 30 million views as of this writing.

Since then, he has also produced solid hits with songs, such as “Yowayo” and “Easy Game. Remarkably, he is a college student.

What is surprising is that it has been almost no time since “Yoriyoi(Leaning Drunk)” became a big hit.

In a music scene where songs do not get much attention, this speed is a point that should not be overlooked.

His first solo live concert is scheduled for the end of this year. Wanuka is sure to attract attention not only behind the screen but also for his physical performance.

We can expect to see more of Wanuka in the future.

AmazonMusic – Wanuka


Wednesday Campanella is making their big break with the explosive success of “Edison.”

Wednesday Campanella has been around for a long time, including the birth of “Momotaro” as their signature song nearly seven years ago.

However, Wednesday Campanella recently underwent a major change. Wednesday Campanella changed vocalists and welcomed Utaha as a new member, restarting with an almost rookie-like mindset.

For that reason, the first move after the new formation had to be as powerful as possible.

The new “Wednesday Campanella” has become a 100-point hit by all accounts, and now they are sought out for live performances and music programs purely as “Wednesday Campanella.

As a result, even those who have not been exposed to their activities before have become captivated by their music.

The response to their latest EP, “Neon,” has been positive, and they are sure to make a name for themselves in the future.

AmazonMusic – Wednesday Campanella

Irregular dice (いれいす)

Irregular Dice, also known as “Ireis,” is a six-member singing group that has been a hit with young people.

With over 470,000 subscribers to their main channel as of this writing, it is no exaggeration to say that they are the most popular six-member singing group among young people today.

This group was formed in September 2020, so it is quite young. In other words, they are very talented singers who have gained so much recognition in such a short period.

Nowadays, it is not unusual for singers to get together and work together.

However, it is also rare for a group to be born so quickly. The reason for this lie in the charm of each member.

For example, in one of their famous songs, “3 minutes to find your favorite!”, the members’ self-introductions are directly translated into the song. You will recognize each member’s face and voice as you listen to the song two or three times.

As you listen to the next song, and the next, and the next, you will be dragged into the swamp where many of the songs appear in related videos.

In addition to music, many other elements can get you hooked on Irregulars, such as live video games and tweaking, so you may want to start with something else.

AmazonMusic – Ireisu


Everything that sells has a reason.

In the same way, the above five artists who are currently attracting attention have their own reasons. There are many reasons, but the most important is the appeal of the artists.

Somehow, through a phrase in a song or an interesting TV appearance, we are drawn to them and find them attractive. We are all fascinated by artists. It is a wonderful experience that leaves a powerful impression.

The music scene is changing at a dizzying pace, and as we delve deeper into their music on YouTube and on their subscribers’ pages, we find ourselves stuck in a musical quagmire.

You will see more of them in the future, but please keep in mind why you fell in love with them.

The path to great music is right in front of you.

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