Famous Horror Story “Ryomen-Sukuna” In Japan – part 1


Do you know “Ryomen Sukuna”?

ryomen sukuna
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Japanese people love scary stories. These scary stories are actively shared not only on TV programs but also on the Internet. In this article, we will introduce one of the famous stories.

In the 2000s, a thread from “2Chan” (now 5Chan) was started. The thread name is “Would you like to collect some scary stories that look so scary that someone may die?” This was the beginning of “Sharekowa(洒落怖).”

There’s a mix of scary to strange stories in that thread, and it’s well done and scary!
The only information that comes through is the text.
But, the descriptions are so detailed that you can imagine the content of the story. And, your own imagination becomes more and more frightening.

Ryomen Sukuna

Disaster will befall those who see it….

A human mummy with two heads, and two arms on each side. And a single body with two legs. It was called “Ryomen Sukuna”…

It was sealed tightly in a wooden box at the back of the main hall of an old temple in Iwate Prefecture. Those who open this wooden box will die or be mentally deranged, and those who claim to have seen its contents will suffer a high fever of unknown origin and be severely injured.

Please be very careful who sees this story. You never know what kind of calamity may come your way…

Content of the story

I used to work in the construction industry. The other day, we had to demolish an old temple in Iwate Prefecture. The temple had no current users.
And while I was demolishing the temple, a colleague of mine called me.
“Come here for a minute.”
I went over. When I got there, there was a long, blackened wooden box at my colleague’s feet.

I said, “What’s this?”
My colleague said, “No, I was wondering what it was… It was in an enclosed room in the back of the main hall… I’m going to call the contractor who manages it.

The wooden box is about 2 meters long. It looked quite old, and the wood was probably rotten.
There’s a white piece of paper stuck to the front with something written on it. I could understand that the writing was quite old. I could see what looked like ordinary writing, but the paper was so tattered that I could hardly make out what was written on it.
The only thing I could barely make out was

”Taisho? Year? July? No Juho wo motte, Ryomen Sukuna wo? in sealed.”

The wooden box was nailed to the wall, so I couldn’t open it. The wooden box was nailed to the floor, so I couldn’t open it. And the contractor said he would ask the old priest tomorrow. So I decided to leave the box in a nearby prefab house for the day.

The next day. Before arriving at the demolition site, I received a phone call from the contractor.

The contractor said, “That wooden box, you know, the former resident said, “Never open it!”He was very vehement.
He says he’ll take care of it himself, so please don’t open it.

I decided to call the foreman about the wooden box before arriving at the site, just in case.

I said, “Um, about the wooden box from yesterday…”
The foreman said, “Oh, that! You know those two Chinese (foreign student) part-timers you hire? They opened it without permission! Anyway, please come quickly.”

I had a bad feeling and hurried to the site. A crowd of five or six people was gathered around the prefab.
The two part-time Chinese workers were sitting in front of the prefab in a state of lethargy.

The director said, “I heard that this guy opened the box with his friends last night just for the fun of it. The problem is what’s inside…can you take a look?”

To cut to the chase, there was what looked like a human mummy with both hands in a boxer’s stance.
The only odd thing about it was that it had two heads. Siamese twins? There are deformed children like Siamese twins, aren’t there?
I thought it was probably a person with that kind of deformity or a fake…

The director said, “I don’t know if they were shocked or what, but these two don’t talk at all.”

The two Chinese guys were in a daze, no matter how many questions we asked them (even though they can speak Japanese quite well).

Oh, I forgot to mention that the mummy
“Two heads on each side, two arms on each side, and two legs as usual.
I had seen many pictures of deformities on the Internet and on 2chan. So I was surprised, but I thought, “Ah, it must be deformed or fake.”

We were talking about how to contact the police when a former resident (over 80 years old) came to us in a car driven by his son.

The head priest said, “Did you open the door? Did you empty it, you are an idiot! If you open it, it ends…”

We were all a bit shocked at his brazenness, but then the priest started yelling at his son.
I’m writing this in standard Japanese because of his harsh Iwate accent.

The priest said, “You said you were going to send Ryomen Sukuna to a temple in Kyoto (I didn’t catch it)! You didn’t send it, you are an idiot! You idiot!”

His voice was so angry that I couldn’t believe he was an old man in his 80s.

The priest said, “Who vacated the room? The hospital? I don’t think those people are going to make it, but I’ll exorcise you guys just in case.

We were honestly scared, too. So we did as we were told and listened to some kind of sutra, and then we were hit on the back and shoulders pretty hard with scripture or something like that. It was quite a long time, about 30 minutes.
The priest loaded the box into the car, and as we parted, he said, “I feel sorry for you, but you will not live long.”

Later, one of the two Chinese died in the hospital room from a myocardial infarction that even the doctors couldn’t figure out. The other was transferred to a mental hospital, three demolition workers went to bed with mysteriously high fevers, and I got five stitches after stepping on a nail with my foot.
I don’t know the details at all, but my guess is that the human mummy was human deformities, people who were discriminated against and died with a grudge.
The priest said, “I feel sorry for you, but you will not live long.”…

More on this story in the next post!

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This story is too realistic and very scary.
In fact, it is based on the historical “Ryoumen-Sukuna”. Although unrelated to this story, the popular manga/anime “Ryomen-sukuna” is also based on this historical fact.

Therefore, I think that the “Ryomen-Sukuna” in this Shashaku is a fiction in the sense that it is slightly different from the historical fact, but the writer’s description is so realistic that it gives a thrilling and breathtakingly scary experience.