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In the first part of the post, disaster befell everyone involved at the site where Ryomen Sukhna was found. In the second part, you will learn how Ryomen Sukhna was born.

This post is the second part. If you haven’t seen the first part, please see the first part.

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Content of the story

I’m a sucker for this kind of thing. So I contacted the head priest several times to find out the truth. But he completely ignored me.
However, I found the contact information of his son who came with the head priest. He is a rather bright and flamboyant person, so maybe I could ask him something. So I made an appointment to have a drink with him this evening.

Just before the meeting, I was told, “I still don’t think it’s a good idea to talk face-to-face…”. I was able to talk to his son on the condition that I would talk to him on the phone, but only as far as I could.
We talked for about 30 minutes.
He was quite a talkative old man. I will summarize the main points.

Son said, “I’m sorry. My father reminded me. Actually, I’m in trouble on the phone too.”
I said, “No, I’m the one who asked you to do that. What is that thing after all?”
Son “That’s a deformed human being that was shown at a freak show in the Taisho period.
I “Then, did he live in that conjoined state at that time? Like Siamese twins?”
Son “Yes, he was. He was born and lived for a few years in a village in Iwate. But his parents, who were strapped for cash, sold him to a trafficker. So, he ended up in a freak show.
I “I see…but how did he end up like a mummy?”
Son “To be precise, he is a sokushin-butsu.

Sokushinbutsu is the Buddha who took on people’s suffering and offered his own life to pray for peace in the world on their behalf.

I “Sokushin-butsu means she became like that voluntarily?
Son “…you will tell someone about this, right?
I “To be honest… I want to talk about it”.
Son “Good. I’m not going to tell you everything”
“Well, you know, he was forced to become that. At that time, there was an unbelievable cult.
Please don’t make me give the name of the cult. I think they are still active quietly…”
I said, “If I ask, can anyone recognize that cult?”
Son “I don’t know (laugh), it’s the best-kept secret, the real pagan religion.
I “I see…”

The son said, “This guru is an extraordinary bastard. He only uses external methods.
Me “external methods?”
Son “Yes, to put it in simple terms.”
Me “…what exactly?”
Son “So, there are no documents left from that time. The person’s name is a pseudonym. His name is Mononobe Tenkoku.”
I “Monobe Tenkoku. That’s a fake name, right?”
Son “Yes, yes, a false name. And when this Monobe Tenkoku went to the freak show, he paid a lot of money to buy several deformed people. Including the Siamese twins.
I “So?”
Son, “You know what a kodoku is?”
I “Is it a spell where you put some poisonous insects in a jar and use the last surviving one?”
Son “Yes, yes! How did you know that? That’s amazing.”
I “Yeah, well, it’s just… So?”
Son “Oh, so you know. Tengoku did that kodoku with a human.”
I “Put a human in a locked room? No way.”
Son “I heard that story from my dad too, I don’t believe 100% of it all… do you want to stop now?”
Me “Excuse me! Please continue.”
Son “Okay. And that’s what he did with those deformities. He shoved them into a secret room in the basement. And the Siamese twins survived.
Me “How long were they locked up?”
Son “I don’t know the details, but you can guess how long they had to survive eating the flesh of their friends and even eating their own urine.
Me “I don’t really want to imagine…”
Son “So, apparently, from the very beginning, he made it so that the Siamese twins would survive. He fatally wounded the other deformity with a knife or something. He threw them in there in a desperate state. Even though they are deformed, they look like statues of Ashera. The godliness of the statue attracted Tengoku. “
I “I see…”
Son “So, it is good that he survived, but he is just a tool for Tengoku.
He had immediately locked up alone in another room and starved to death. Then he was embalmed and became a sokushin-butsu. That’s what my father was talking about before, the completion of Ryomen Sukuna.
I said, “What is Ryomen Sukuna?”

Son said that he decided to call the Siamese twins “Ryomen Sukuna,” in reference to the legend of a monster with two faces and four hands that existed as far back as the mythical age.

I “I see…”
Son “That Ryomen Sukhna, Tengoku made it the principal image of the cult. As a Jyubutsu. At least, Tengoku believed that he had created an extraordinary cursed Buddha that could curse others and possibly even more people to death.
I “What is the object of this curse?”
Son “…my father said it was the nation”.
I “Japan itself? Tengoku is crazy, isn’t he?
Son “He must be crazy. But that’s not the only effect of the curse. He put something in Ryomen Sukuna’s stomach…”
I “What is it?
Son said, “It’s the bones of ancient people. They are the rebels who were destroyed by the Yamato Imperial Court. He put the powder of the ancient man’s bones in Sukuna’s stomach…”
I said, “Where did you get that?
Son “You must have seen it on TV or in the newspaper or something, right? When ancient ruins or tombs are excavated, there are people working on the excavation. They were not so well guarded in those days. So, he mainly stole from those places.
I “It’s hard to believe, isn’t it…”
My son “Isn’t it? I thought so too. But you know, there are so many of the main disasters in the Taisho period.

1914: Sakurajima volcanic eruption (9,600 people injured)
1914: Great earthquake in Akita (94 people killed)
1914: Explosion at Fangcheng Coal Mine (687 people killed)
1916: Great fire in Hakodate
1917: Flood in eastern Japan (1,300 people killed)
1917: Explosion at Kirino Coal Mine (361 people killed)
1922: Train accident at Oyafuchi no Nadare (130 people killed)
And on September 1, 1923: Great Kanto Earthquake, 142,800 dead or missing

Me, “So what?”
Son, “They say it’s all in the area where Ryomen Sukuna moved.”
I “Oh no! Were there cult branches in all those places? I mean, that must be a coincidence”
Son “I think it’s stupid too. Then, the day of the Great Kanto Earthquake was the worst and biggest disaster of the Taisho Period. On that day, just before the earthquake, Tengoku died.”
Me: “Dead?”
Son “Suicide, I heard. There are rumors that he was not a pure Japanese…”
Me “How did he die?”
Son “He slit his throat with a Japanese sword. In front of Ryomen Sukuna. And there was a suicide note in his blood…”
I “What did it say?

“Japan must be destroyed.”

Me “…and that was right before the Great Kanto Earthquake hit, right?”
Son “Yes, that’s right.”
Me “…it was a coincidence, wasn’t it?”
Son “…it must be a coincidence.”
Me “Where were Ryomen Sukuna and Tengoku at that time…?”
Son “They were in the vicinity of the Sagami Bay coast near the epicenter of the earthquake.”
Me “After that, how did Ryomen Sukuna get to that temple in Iwate?”
Son “My father didn’t tell me that much.”
I “At that time, the head priest said something like (Why didn’t you transport it to the temple in Kyoto?) )to the priest at that time, what was that?”
Son “Oh, you were listening… It was about 30 years ago, I was going to succeed Oyaji and become a priest. At that time, due to my negligence or a mistake…
After that, that temple was neglected for a long time… That’s about all I can tell you.”
Me, “I see… Where is Ryomen Sukuna now?”
Son “I don’t know about that. I mean, I haven’t heard from my dad for the past few days…
Ever since he brought that thing home, some strange car seems to have been following him.”
Me “I see… but you said you wouldn’t tell me everything, so why did you tell me all these details?”
Son “My father told you at the time, didn’t he? My father told you at that time that you would not live long.”
I “Well…”
Son “Well, I’m going to leave you alone. Don’t call me again.”
Me “Thank you very much.”

This is a brief summary of what we talked about on the phone… I don’t believe everything.

Reference site: 恐怖の泉.com


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